Girl CEO App Reviews

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Best app ever

I love this app! I use it daily and love the community of women. Very positive and the app has so many features! Love that you can receive accountability from other women and also have private areas to journal! Don’t hesitate just get it!

Please Update

So I decided to get on this app and take advantage of all the advice it has to offer as well as a place to lay out my creativity. Unfortunately I can’t access the content I’m looking for. The landing page is blank along with a few of the other tab features. I think it may be time for an update! While I don’t use the app as much as I’d like to, I did notice that there is quite a bit of dated material. While I am an advocate for leaving the wheel as is, I do like that rims are an option. Simply put, I’d like to see a fresh update of your “tried and true” methods and techniques. Sort of a “It worked then and it works now” adage but with today’s date.

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